Friday, September 30, 2011

#Semsational - The Taste of Summer?

#Semsational is an initiative to introduce the good wine buying public to the delights of young Semillon wines.  Semillon has been described as "Australia's gift to the world", yet it is oft said that many outside of NSW aren't aware of the delights of this vinous nectar.

As a young wine, it is a perfect accompaniment for much of what we eat in Queensland: seafood, salads; on its own or with friends.  Another thing in its favour, low alcohol,  meaning you can have a glass without feeling squiffy!

So, #semsational brings to you this spiffing Semillon selection.  Interested? Era Bistro, 4th October at 7pm, $15 a ticket with canapes...

Scarborough Green Label 2011
Tempus Two 2011
DeIuliis Semillon 2011
Thomas Wines Braemore 2011
McGuigan Bin 9000 2011
Allandale Winemakers Reserve Single Vineyard 2011
Briar Ridge Dairy Hill 2011
Bimbadgen Estate 2011
Tower Estate 2011
Glandore Elliot Semillon 2011
Brokenwood 2011
Peppertree Tallawanta 2011
First Creek 2011
Tyrrell’s Vat 1 2011
Tulloch Wines 2011
Saddlers Creek 2011

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