Just a little place to record some kind words in a 'pat yourself on the back' way.  

"I was very impressed with the passion of the SSS crew and their mission to single handedly bring elevated and provocative wine culture to Brisbane.  Innovative tasting topics and powerful use of social media have created a broad vinous network across the nation that only a fool would not tap into.  

I was invited to showcase my amphora aged Nero d'Avola at their alt. varieties tasting this year and met influential buyers, sommeliers, journalists and a scholar or two who opened many doors for me in the Brisbane market that I would never have been able to open alone.  SSS's ability to draw strong turnouts of industry and impassioned wine lovers is a powerful arrow in their quiver. A first rate mob of wine and food lovers motivated merely by a desire to get involved and spread the word that the search for good wine is as noble a pursuit as any. BH" ~ Brad Hickey aka Brash Higgins

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