How It Works

1) Events are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.  There may be occasions where special events are put on that requires the timing of this standing event to be altered.

2) Our events are now chargeable. The policy of running free events was altered to enable us to pay our way in an industry that showed us so much generosity. Charging for events also enables us to select the wines that fit a tasting theme best.

3) We encourage attendees to participate in events by 'tweeting' about the wines and wineries (this is all part of the feedback loop for the wineries etc).

4) Our kind hosts Era allow us to host events free of charge, and we repay that by being courteous guests and by ordering food from the menu (this also helps if you choose not to 'spit' the wine being tasted out).

5) Spaces for events typically become available at 8am on the Monday of the week before the event (normally the 2nd Monday of the Month)

We announce ticket sales simultaneously through:
iii) Our Mailing List (click the link to sign-up)

6) Ticket sales are on a first-in-best-dressed basis.  

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