Monday, May 30, 2016

Coonawarra Classics.....

Get your tickets to Swirl, Sniff, Spit's Coonawarra Classics tasting here.

Think Coonawarra, and thoughts of sumptuous reds spring to mind – from the rich rust-coloured Terra Rossa soil for which it’s internationally recognised, to the prized red wines that have made it famous. There are the ruddy cheeks of those who tend the vines; the crimson sunsets that sweep across a vast horizon; and of course, there’s the fiery passion in the veins of our vignerons and winemakers. 

To that we've added some bubbles to get the evening going, a few white wines and matched it all to traditional greek food from Kafe Meze.

On Arrival

Katnook NV Sparkling
Dips served with pita bread (Melitzanosalata, Skordalia, Taramosalata, Tzatziki)

Bracket One, Riesling

Raidis Riesling 2015 + Blok Riesling 2008
Atherino + Dolmades

Bracket Two,White
Patrick Fumé + Parker Chardonnay 2014
Grilled Cuttlefish + Saganaki

Bracket Three, Shiraz
Redman Shiraz 2013 + Majella Shiraz 2013
Loukaniko + Biftekia

Bracket Four, Cabernet
Rymill Cabernet 2013 + Leconfield Cabernet 2013
Kokkinisto + Lemon Potatoes + Greek Salad

Bracket Five, Aged Cabernet
Katnook Cabernet + Wynns Cabernet
Paidakia + Fried Kolokythi

Fancy it? Get your tickets here.

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