Sunday, August 12, 2012

Barossa Shiraz: An Exploration of its Sub-Regions

I’d be really happy if we could celebrate wine for what it is and not what it “should be”. Grapevines can be manipulated to an extent, but if we keep insisting that alcohol levels should be this, and tannins should be that (etc.) we will continue down the line of homogenised bland wine that will take the interest out of what is a remarkable product and can provide emotional experiences to the consumer. Let’s appreciate the natural tendencies of regionality and worry less about “the market place”. 

~ Andrew Seppelt, Winemaker & Partner at Murray Street Vineyards

Swirl, Sniff, Spit's next outing will be exploring the sub-regionality of the Barossa Valley through arguably its most famous grape variety - Shiraz - using the knowledge and insight of one of its favourite sons: Murray Street Vineyards Andrew Seppelt.

If you are wondering what sub-regionality is, we like to think of it thus: instead of being one singular entity, the Barossa is a complex patchwork of micro, or sub-regions.  Each of these sub-regions display its own unique character, and through this tasting we are looking to explore - and hopefully understand - those unique characters.

The wines are a mix of vintages and wineries so we will see some variation there, but the consistent element should always be the underlying notion of 'terroir' or the sense of place, the dirt from whence a wine came.

Western Ridge
Murray Street Vineyards 'Gomersal' Shiraz 2008 (VF) Twitter: @MSVWine

South Barossa
TeAro Estate 'Charred Door' Shiraz 2008 (VF) Twitter: @TeAroEstate

South Central

Cirillo 'Steingarten Vineyard' Shiraz 2010 (VF) Twitter: @n/a

Eden Valley
Sons of Eden 'Remus' Eden Valley Shiraz 2009 Twitter: @SonsOfEden
Yalumba 'Swingbridge Vineyard' Craneford Shiraz 2007 (VF) Twitter: @Yalumba

Valley Floor

Northern Barossa
Westlake Vineyards 'Eleazar' Shiraz 2009 (VF) Twitter: @WestlakeWine

Murray Street Vineyards 'Greenock' Shiraz 2008 (VF) Twitter: @MSVWine
Yelland  & Papps 'Devote' Shiraz 2010 (VF) Twitter: @YellandAndPapps

Central West
Whistler Wines tbc Twitter: @WhistlerWines

The tasting on 21st August and spaces open up 9am on 13th August on a first-come-first-served basis.

(VF) = Vegan Friendly

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