Monday, June 3, 2013

Session 24 - That Vintage - A Look at 2011

After Session 23 - Myth Busters, dedicating an event to the wines from the 2011 vintage could be seen as a natural extension from there. That vintage - possibly the biggest myth of all to look to bust.

It was wet in many places. We get that. We certainly won't shy away from that. But that doesn't tell the whole story: that in Western Australia conditions were actually quite warm, that in the Hunter Valley they celebrated a highly regarded vintage, that it could be regarded as a producers' vintage, with great wines to be had if you know where to look.

We often find that in search of an attention grabbing headline too many commentators generalise about the state of the wine industry on this island continent. So, let's take a look at wines from that vintage and draw our own conclusions.

Bracket 1 – 'White Rhone' Varieties
John Duval Plexus 'White' n/a
Yangarra Viognier @Yangarra

Bracket 2 – Other Whites
Meerea Park Hell Hole Semillon @MeereaPark 
Xabregas Fig Tree Riesling @Xabregas_Wines
Xabregas Spencer Riesling @Xabregas_Wines

Bracket 3 – Chardonnay
Kooyong Clonale Chardonnay n/a
Yalumba FDW7c 2011@Yalumba
Tapanappa Chardonnay 2011 @Tapanappa

Bracket 4 – Pinot Noir
Stoney Rise Holyman Pinot Noir @StoneyRise 
Henty Farm Wines Pinot Noir @HentyFarmWine

Bracket 5 – Grenache & Friends
Brash Higgins GR/M Grenache Mataro 2011 @BrashHiggins
Cirillo Wines The Vincent Grenache 2011 @Cirillo1850Wine

Bracket 6 – Shiraz
De Iuliis Steven's Vineyard Shiraz @MikeDeIuliis
Cirillo Single Vineyard Shiraz @Cirillo1850Wine

Bracket 7 – Other Reds
Inkwell Wines Primitivo 2011 @InkwellWines
A.Rodda Cuvee du Chez @ARoddaWines

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