Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Session 26 - Lavora Italiano

Silvio Berlusconi, Enzo Ferarri, Donatella Versace, Roberto Baggio - Italy has given the world many cultural and style icons, it has also given many a taste for ‘la dolce vita' through an image of a cosmopolitan lifestyle projected around the world, along with its cuisine and wine.

Cuisine is a rather limiting way of referring to what in reality are a diverse range of regional and sub-regional cuisines, and closely associated with that are regional wine styles, with grape varieties often intrinsically linked to a region and associated produce and dishes.

Swirl, Sniff, Spit is opting to look at a range of varieties of Italian origin that have settled here in Australia. Predominantly the examples we have selected are sourced from McLaren Vale, a region with a strong links to Italian migration and settlement. By no means is this an exhaustive look of 'Italian' varieties, but it's a damn good start.

Bracket 1 – Crisp Whites
Beach Road Greco 2011 Twitter n/a
Primo & Co The Venetian Garganega 2012 @PrimoEstate

Bracket 2 – Textural Feeling
Oliver's Taranga Small Batch Fiano 2013 @OliversTaranga
Oliver's Taranga Small Batch Vermentino 2013 @OliversTaranga
Dowie Doole Vermentino 2013 @DowieDooleWines

Bracket 3 – A Little Sweet One
Coriole Barbera 2012 @Coriole
Vigna Bottin Barbera 2006 Twitter n/a

Bracket 4 – “Forgive me Father, for I have Zinned’
Coriole Sangiovese 2010 @Coriole
La Curio 'Original Zin' Primitivo 2010 Twitter n/a

Bracket 5 – Not Quite the Full ‘Monty’
Waywood Wines Montepulciano 2012 @WaywoodWines
Hand Crafted by Geoff Hardy Aglianico 2011 @HCByGeoffHardy

Bracket 6 – Tannic beauts that end in ‘o’ and probably “Oooooh…”
Oliver's Taranga Sagrantino 2010 @OliversTaranga
Kangarilla Road Terzetto 2010 @Kangarilla

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